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Thursday 5th May 2016
 Here at Amsource Technology we are always  looking to improve our knowledge of the markets  in which we specialise.  

 We see this as a significant value to both of clients  and candidates. We want to provide a fantastic  service to our clients ensuring we know their  business inside out, and we want our candidates to  have confidence that we know what their  experience is, their strengths/weaknesses and also  that we will be able to find them the most suitable  role possible.

 So this week Andrew, Sophia and David  spent  some time in the office with a key client we're working  closely with to help grow their technology team -  Hitachi  Capital (UK) PLC. 

We attended the daily stand-ups with 3 teams with Scrum Master Steve Trapps

This was both educational for us to understand more about what Scrum, Agile, Sprints, Stories etc really means in action, and to enable us when speaking with prospective candidates to give a really clear picture of what Agile looks like.

Here’s what Sophia had to say about the experience…

“I specialise in the placement of agile project specialists here at Amsource, so when I heard we would be attending the morning scrum meetings I was immediately interested as it knew it would give me some more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the candidates I speak to on a day to day and the way in which they do their job. It was great to see the scrum meetings in action, what they entail, and who exactly was involved and the reason behind why they are so successful in ensuring the delivery of products and services to organisations”

David Said...

"I am a Digital recruitment specialist at Amsource. Although I would like to think I have a good understanding of what it is like to work in an Agile environment, I have never had the opportunity to witness it for myself first hand. I found it really interesting to see how the daily scrum meetings are conducted and to see a clear road map of what they’re trying to achieve during each sprint. One of the areas I specialise in is the placement of Java Developers so I was particularly interested to see what the day to day duties of a Java Developer are at Hitachi and it has certainly helped build my understanding of how Developers work inside an Agile environment."


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