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Tuesday 20th September 2016
We're delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring Digital Agenda's second 'City Impact' dinner which will take place a KPMG in Leeds next month!

DigitalAgenda’s city impact dinners bring together people from our community of founders, investors and more, for evenings of good food and discussion around a theme. On Tuesday October 18, at the second dinner hosted at KPMG in cities across the north of England, we’re assembling 30 innovators and more who want to change the city of Leeds for the better through technology.

DigitalAgenda’s invite-only dinners are free to attend and are informal, thoughtful affairs.

We hope to be hearing responses to the challenges facing Leeds and its people, including from local digital business and other organisations. Ideas from the evening will help inform DigitalAgenda’s ‘technology for a change’ content.

DigitalAgenda has strong links with Leeds, with one of our board members, Adam Beaumont, a leading figure on the technology business scene in the city. We have a publishing and events programme designed to promote technology that is for a change, UK-wide.

Dinner includes food, wine, refreshments and coffee.

Guests arrive from 6pm for a 6.45pm start. We run until around 10.30pm.

Please note that this event by invitation only. If you have a professional interest in the impact of digital in Leeds and are interested in attending the dinner, email Catherine Coulter at

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