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Monday 7th March 2016

Make a difference to the Leeds community...

On Thursday 3rd March we went along to the Leeds Soup event based held at The Tetley.

What is Leeds SOUP?
The event was the third of its kind in Leeds. The event is an ‘Experiment in micro funding, where like-minded individuals come together, pitch great ideas, eat soup and vote on a project they think benefits the Leeds community the most.’

“Tickets start at £10, with the winning idea taking away 100% of the evening’s takings to make their idea happen.”

Leeds SOUP has been setup by eight individuals wanting to make a difference and create an opportunity to showcase creativity, whilst being able to give back to the community without self-funding.

Here at Amsource we are really passionate about supporting the local community here in Leeds. (See more here.) And continue to support local children’s cancer charity Candlelighters, based at Leeds General Infirmary) Therefore when we heard about Leeds SOUP and the work it's done so far at previous events for the community we thought we'd head along and see what it was all about.

It was great to see the volume of people who also came out to support the community in Leeds and watch the four organisations pitching.

The pitchers…
CATCH (Community Action To Change Harehills). Ash from CATCH told us all about the valuable work the organisation does to help young people in a deprived area of Leeds, Harehills. The organisation is a registered charity made up of passionate individuals who live and work in Harehills. Established in 2011 the group initially cam together to develop some wasteland notorious for Anti-social behaviour in the area, however since the organisation has grown and gone on to support so many other positive initiatives and activities for young people in the area. 

The charity works hard to keep young people off the streets and resorting to a life of anti-social behaviour and crime which is often common in the Harehills area. With two main projects, the Hovingham project – developing wasteland into a green area for sporting events and activities. As well as ‘The Hub’ a community and youth space in Harehills set up by CATCH using porta-cabins on the school grounds of Hovingham primary school. On evenings and weekends the hub was transformed into a youth space attracting over 200 young people every week. The hub was forced to close down in 2015, and it’s been a struggle for the organisation to sustain the youth sessions however they have recently been able to secure a new building which will be launching soon.

 The second organisation was Inkwell. Inkwell is a safe, creative and accessible space where passion and skills entwine. Challenging the stigma of mental health and celebrating the diversity of its participants. Their work at Inkwell is backed by Mental health charity ‘Mind’  and is based on developing creative skills whatever an individual’s background or ability, as an integral part of the journey towards recovery from mental health issues.

Simon on the Streets were the final organisation to pitch. Simon on the streets offers street based support for those in need. The team work across Leeds. Huddersfield and Bradford providing emotional and practical support. We were talked through some of the lives of the people who use ‘Simon on the streets’ services, and heard just how valuable their services are to those vulnerable in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Given the chance we would have liked to have voted for everyone that pitched, as we could see the significant value all of them are adding to the Leeds community. However we could only vote for one. (We voted for CATCH). 

The clue’s in the name but we also scoffed down some lovely soup (Lentil and Bacon and Broccoli and Stilton) courtesy of Taste Cuisine, whilst we deliberated over who to vote for.

The votes were counted and the winners of the funding of £1,900 were CATCH. CATCH will be using the funds provided by ‘Leeds Soup’ to showcase more work for skills that will help young people of Harehills and to add better facilities to ‘The Hub’.

It was refreshing to see with our own eyes just how many people are proactive and dedicated to contributing and making our city better. It was great to attend and we’re looking forward to heading over to the next Leeds Soup event in the coming months.

Find out more about Leeds Soup here .

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