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Wednesday 6th January 2016
Here at Amsource Technology we’re passionate about connecting people, talent and opportunity in Technology. 

It’s all very well having values in place in a business, but they mean nothing unless you’re mindful of these values and ensure your work aligns with them to meet your overall objectives. We like to think we keep ours in mind in everything we do. Which are: connected, experts, integrity, social, delivery. 

Back in early 2015 our consultants were signed up to Social Talent. Social Talent is a start-up that has quickly become a leading provider of online and social media training to the recruitment and staffing industry worldwide. To date, more than 8,000 recruiters from companies such as, Oracle, Shell, Philips, L’Oreal, Sodexo and Apple have completed their Black Belt in Internet Recruitment training programme.

The Social Talent online portal is filled with engaging, interactive training courses. The rise of social media is undeniable and social talent really focuses on the variety of different ways we as recruiters can connect with our current and potential candidates and clients.

For us this is great as it’s really given our consultants a chance to try out a variety of different methods rather than the given, standard approaches and also emulates our core values which is an obvious plus!

All of our consultants who were part of the training scheme have now completed (or are close to..come on Richard!) completing their social talent training, and becoming a black belt sourcing ninja.

Here’s what our very own certified sourcing ninja’s David, Sophia, Penny and Georgia had to say about completing the course and how it has benefited their everyday recruitment operations.

David: "I started recruitment in June 2015 and started using Social Talent nearly straight away. Thanks to the resources on Social Talent it enabled me to further develop my knowledge on key skills such as Boolean searching and LinkedIn Sourcing, things that I use every single day. As I am a Digital Recruitment Consultant it provided me valuable lessons on how to resource on sites such as GitHub and Stack Overflow, things that I would not have known about if it wasn’t for Social Talent."

Sophia: “Being a social ninja has really improved the way that I work as a recruiter. The course had a lot of useful information, hints, tips and add ons that make finding the most suitable candidates simple and easy.”

Penny: “Social Talent provides a comprehensive set of courses that has really complemented the way that I source suitable candidates. It starts off at a basic level before advancing to more expert techniques, which allows for a gradual and effective bedding-in of these principles. The videos that go along with each course and their modules are informative, interactive, and encouraging, and in this digital age where it’s imperative for recruiters or hiring managers to master social sourcing, Social Talent will add value to your approach and technique in sourcing candidates digitally, whether you’re a tech whizz or a shy user of technology.”

Georgia: "Although actively recruiting for candidates is not something I do in my marketing role. The social talent training videos are filled with good ideas that i'm looking forward to incorporating into our wider social strategy."

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