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Thursday 5th November 2015

This month we've been busy reviewing the LuckyTrip, Grabble, Skyscanner and Peak apps. Read our thoughts on them below...



Let’s you find your next trip with just one tap.

The guys behind LuckyTrip say “For too long now the process of finding and booking a trip has been time consuming and at time complicated. The traditional travel sites are cluttered, with hundreds of choices that easily over whelm you”.

“The average user visits seven different platforms spending over 6 hours researching a single trip”.

Lucky trip aims to make life easier for you. By just entering some simple preferences, budget, how many travellers, duration (dates optional) and what you’re looking for in a trip, for example: nightlife, romantic, adventure, history etc. One tap brings up a tailor made trip for you. Some where to go – destination / flights, somewhere to say and an activity to do based on the preferences you provided.  If you like the trip, you can then tap through and book, if the trip is not for you, tap the lucky trip icon again for another option.

“I love this app. I like the use of the attractive photography and the graphics used. Found some fantastic deals for weekend breaks around Europe to destinations I may not have considered before. I liked the save/email feature, I emailed all the deals I found to myself where I could then open it up later and book (if I chose to) easily.”

“Would be good to have a flight preference option, because upon having a closer look at the deals I’d selected I found that some of the flights had multiple stops which wouldn’t be feasible for a short haul weekend break.”

"This is a great app for everyone, but in particular for indecisive people such as myself. If you have a date set for a city break then this will provide you with numerous ideas within your budget."

“I Like this app, easy to use and like the un predictability of it.  It needs some work on the results it gives, as despite me changing the budget, the results didn’t correspond to that change.  Also I’d be wary about whether the results it provides are the best prices and what affiliate relationships they hold with certain websites.”

“It’s great for inspiration for travelling and came up with some really interesting places.”

"I really like LuckyTrip. It’s a very good looking, well put together app but you can also tell that a lot of thought has been put into its purpose. The combination of a destination, a place to stay and something to do really appeals to me as I feel sometimes the fun of booking a holiday can be taken away with the confusion of information from multiple sites/apps. "


“It’s the app to discover daily handpicked fashion”.

Grabble says, “Welcome to the world of fashion convenience. Our stylists carefully select looks based on your preferences to help you shop, from high-end to high-street. We feature, aspirational value for money pieces from good quality brands we know and trust”.

Updated every day, the Grabble fashion app curates a daily edit from a mix of the best from high street chains such as Zara, Mango and Topshop, up and coming designers and cult brands - saving you the pain of trawling the net, by bringing the best-of-the-best under one roof (and onto your mobile!)

Grabble has a brilliant team of in-house stylists, led by Cherry Collins, formerly of Grazia, Selfridges and NET-A-PORTER, who work to create the perfect mix of wardrobe essentials.

"I love grabble – but it is totally addictive! As it’s updated daily I always want to have another look at what’s new. And it’s great that if you like an item, the app will notify you if the item gets reduced in the sale."

"If you hastily swipe left instead of right on a particular item, there doesn’t seem to be an option to go back without trawling through again."

"I really like the concept of this app! Great to play around on because it’s so easy to use and very appealing to those who love to shop – like me.
I love this app cause not only does it allow me to create the ultimate wish list for which I can put into and purchase from- it's an inspiration lifestyle focuses fashion and trend bible."

"There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to filter what items are returned. Until I can filter what I am looking for, this app is a waste of time."

"Grabble is an app that helps you find a style you like. It works on the basis that it throws suggestions at you and you choose whether you either like or dislike the item of clothing shown. Once you have swiped a few times you will have an outfit in your basket ready to buy."

"Grabble makes the execution of purchasing the items you have liked easy, as well with a your account details being stored on the app. Grabble has put the fun into digital shopping!! Great app."



Search, compare and book cheap flights on-the-go with the award winning sky scanner flights app.

Skyscanner allows users to search millions of flights from hundreds of airlines instantly for free, on the go, whenever you want, making it easier than ever to find the best air fare for you.

The team at Sky scanner say: “Travel smarter with Skyscanner, a leading global travel app/ desktop site offering an unbiased, comprehensive and free flight search service as well as online comparisons for hotels and car hire.

Sky scanner’s flexible search options mean you can browse prices across a whole month, or even a year, allowing you to get the best deals. When you find the perfect deal through Sky scanner, you are redirected to book direct with the airline or travel agent, so you get the lowest price, with no extra fees added.

We have over 40 million unique visitors per month who use us to find flights, car hire and hotels in more than 30 different languages - we hope we can help you find yours too!”

“I use this app frequently to compare flight prices. The app makes it really easy to do this, all the flights that match your requirements are listed, making it simple for you to see and select the ones that suit you best. There’s a save option that allows you to save the flights your looking at to your phone so you can find the same flights at a later time. The app is visually pleasing and quick and easy to use.”

"Found the app was OK, but the process is very long winded, and when you get to the booking process it redirects you to the online site for that particular airline, which is then a nightmare using their online mobile site e.g. Ryanair.  It’s far easier to use online."

"I do like the option to do a bit of a random search of destinations from your local airport and brings up the cheapest prices – you can get some inspiration if you’re looking for some time away and unsure of where you want to go."

"Although I haven’t had to use the Skyscanner app this month I have used it this year a number of times when I’ve been planning a holiday. It is simplistic, easy to use and gets the job done."

"You always need to remember to filter results to show direct routes  - who realistically would want a flight that would take a day for a journey that can take 2 hours? It would also be good to be able to set multiple originating airports to search them all together."

"SkyScanner helps a lot for comparing multiple flights at the same time. Having recently booked a flight to the USA, I used SkyScanner a lot when comparing costs, journey times, connections ect. Nothing too fancy, but does the job."



“Enjoy becoming better, everyday”.

Join millions of brain trainers worldwide on Peak, named “App Store Best of 2014” in 24 countries.

Get your brain in better shape with games developed by neuroscience experts that challenge your cognitive skills. Short daily workouts and personalized games that adapt to your skill level help you improve faster, and in-depth performance analytics let you track your progress.

“Our mission here at Peak is to make lifelong progress enjoyable. We believe there’s always a little room for improvement, and we should strive to better ourselves bit by bit. That’s why we use a combination of neuroscience, technology and fun to get those little grey cells active and striding purposefully towards their full potential.

Peak was born out of a desire to blend the best of tech, gaming, science and education to create a product that could truly help users, and that they could enjoy. “

"Enjoyed using this app, it’s simple and easy to use, and the challenges are interesting.  I’m still playing around with it but I found the free version only had a very small window to use without further in app purchases / buying the full app.  It has shown me that my ability to search out words is rubbish, and I won’t be going on countdown any time soon, but I do have a very good memory processing ability."

"This is a great app for the train as it provides you with something to do that is not only fun but is good for your brains development."

"Peak is a great app. Being able to set “training reminders” is a brilliant feature which enables you to “give your brain a workout” at set times of the day. Great if you want an alternative way to wake yourself up in the morning!"

"I love this app. Fun, colourful, and interactive. Great app to pass the time whilst feeling like you are being productive!"

Try out these apps and see what you think! Leave your comments below or tweet us @AmsourceTech.
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