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Wednesday 28th November 2018

We're celebrating some of the most exciting and innovating tech organisations in the North, in our Amsource Advent calendar. 

Each day we will be showcasing an organisation that is contributing to the vibrant tech landscape in the North of England. Check them out below...


Based in Leeds, Vet- AI is leading the way in bringing AI to the global pet market, that is worth approximately £100 billion!
Using groundbreaking technologies, Vet-AI are developing innovative products and services that will reshape the animal health industry. They are the first company in the world that use AI to support the good health of our pets. Their evolving team consists of leading experts in a range of different sectors, and their partners include some of the biggest in the pet care industry.


The BJSS journey started back in 1993 in Leeds. 25 years on, BJSS now operates in numerous other locations – Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, New York and Houston Texas with over 1000 talented workers.

Over the last 25 years BJSS has built a name for themselves in the tech sector, being renowned for technical excellence, cost effective delivery and their proven ‘BJSS Enterprise Agile Approach’.

Notable highlights in the BJSS journey include their rebuild of the NHS spine, alongside the HSCIC in 2014 (which took place in Yorkshire).

The NHS Spine (commonly known as ‘the electronic backbone of the NHS’) is relied on by thousands of care organisations, health professionals and patients. The upgrade to ‘NHS Spine 2’ by BJSS, has improved the efficiency of the system and is able to support more capabilities that are instrumental in helping the NHS run smoothly. (Find out more here)

Even more recently, BJSS was awarded the prestigious Queen’s award for enterprise, in the innovation category for their enterprise software delivery approach.

NHS Digital

Tech innovations are at the heart of NHS. Over the last 70 years tech has revolutionised the NHS, from ground breaking treatments, patient care to the way the NHS is managed behind the scenes.

NHS Digital is head quartered in Leeds. Their Yorkshire base is responsible for some of the most exciting tech innovations taking place in the NHS today. 

Hazel Jones is head of apps and wearables, in a recent blog post she commented on some of the exciting change taking place in her area at NHS Digital in Leeds: “We’re setting up a framework to enable holistic testing of apps and digital technologies, meaning that we can help signpost citizens to the digital tools that we know will help them. These apps have detailed evidence based outcomes and meet the standards around clinical and patient safety, as well as the technical wrap-around such as the security of the data collected and how it will be used.

We’ve got 70 apps out there already, from sleeping aids to self-managing diabetes. We’re in the process of scaling that up so that in the future we can offer even more choice to patients and citizens.”


Force24 are a Marketing Automation company which 'enable enterprise clients to create personalised, meaningful and and revenue generating conversations with their customers.'

In a recent article with BQLive, MD Adam Oldfield said "In a sector crowded with American ‘software as a service’ platforms, our intelligent, UK built and managed technology stands out because it’s supported by our very own marketing experts. So, rather than ‘plug’ a client in and leave them to their own devices – one of the reasons why marketing automation can fail – we share our own best practice knowledge and experiences to help ensure clients’ strategies work."

Adam Oldfield added when speaking to Prolific North: “We’ve invested £5m in our platform, which has led to it becoming one of the largest UK-built and managed marketing automation solutions.

“It is feature rich and packed with the tools that marketers really need to do their jobs quicker and savvier than before – we’re currently seeing client ROI increase 12-fold as a result.”

2019 is set to be another big year for the firm, with a 30% Net revenue increase expected by the end of the year!

TruNarrative are pioneers in protecting companies from fraud risk.

Founded  in 2016, their mission is: to make safe commerce simpler! TruNarrative is Head quartered in Leeds but also has offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.


DAZN is a video streaming service part of Perform Group. The service is dedicated to sports, offering live and on-demand streaming of events from various platforms. It first launched in Austria, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland in August 2016, followed by more recently Canada, the USA and Italy with plans to launch in Brazil early next year!

DAZN expanded their HQ into Leeds this year which created hundreds of new jobs in the city and contributes massively to the vibrant digital sector in the city.


Panintelligence have had a fantastic year!

Newly appointed CEO Zandra Moore won Entrepeneur of the year at the Women In Channel Awards and CEO of the year at the English Women's Awards.

2019 is set to also be another big year for the firm with more plans to grow and more services launching!

All Star Media

Allstar Media are a creative, digital agency in Leeds city centre. When it comes to the type of agency they are, in their own words 'think Banksy meets Alan Sugar'.

They established as a business in 2013 and since then have become specialists in app development, website design and digital marketing.

Their work has secured them a nomination at this year's Northern Digital Awards for 'Best Tool or Software'.


Synap is a unique learning platform designed to help students revise for exams by enabling them to create, practise and share education quizzes.

EdTech start-up Synap was brought to life by founders James Gupta and Omair Vaiyani while they were both at University studying Medicine.

What started out as an intelligent learning platform to help medical students revise for exams, has since expanded into other verticals, and is now delivering corporate training solutions across a range of industries including financial services, retail and transport.

Throughout it’s short four years, Synap has continued to succeed and grow, recently securing a six figure investment from Yorkshire funding and investment group Venturian!

The Data Shed

Anna Sutton and Ed Thewlis set up the Data Shed in 2014 .

The Data Shed collates and analyses data from a wide range of sources to give its clients a better insight into the needs and expectations of their customers. The idea stemmed from Anna’s frustration at getting insight from data within the organisations she was was working for. Anna and Ed discussed and decided they wanted to build a product that could help non-technical people process and analyse their own data sources. Their determination to be self-funded meant they had to find money from somewhere and so the consultancy was born!


FinancialForce now has more than $100 million annual recurring revenue from subscriptions.

"We're excited to build on the company's explosive growth, exemplified by the bigger Harrogate offices, and look forward to additional global expansion." Letty Ledbetter, vice president, global communications of (Insider Media)

Along with providing an excellent service to all of their users across the world. FinancialForce have been commended year after year for the opportunities they offer their employees in terms of working environment and progression, winning numerous awards and rankings including ‘Best Workplace’ five years in a row.


iPortalis's main product helps IT teams manage over 30 applications from vendors including Cisco, Microsoft and Symantec.

This year iPortalis signed a multi-million pound investment deal with NorthEdge, creating the foundation for further success and development at the firm!


It's been a great year for forward thinking rradar!

They were the proud winners of small 'Tech Company of the Year' at this year's Business Tech Awards. They also won 'North East Disrupter of the Year' at the 'Spectators Economic Disrupter of the Year' awards in November!

The firm was launched in Hull in 2012 with 10 employees and reporting a year-end turnover of £800,000.

It now has additional offices in Leeds and Glasgow, employs more than 100 staff, and had a turnover of £5m at the end of last year.

VST Enterprises

Manchester based VST Enterprises are the creators of VCode®. Their product is the next generation of code scanning technology, utilised to authenticate and deliver bespoke, permission-based content and to protect against fraud in many sectors. From bespoke content, video and secure document delivery, end-to-end supply chain traceability, charitable giving transactions and content delivery, the VCode® is an entirely closed loop, permission-based code which provide full user analytics, managed from the VPlatform and API set.

2018 has been a great year for the VST team. They recently were announced as the winner of 'Best Technology/ Technology product' at the 'Talk of Manchester Awards'.

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