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Monday 8th January 2018
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We are the proud sponsors of the Leeds Bitcoin and Crypto meet-up being held next week ( Thursday 18th January)! In this post Chris Wormald (Co-founder of the Leeds Bitcoin and Crypto group) breaks down some key points around what exactly the Leeds Bitcoin and Crypto group do and what can be expected from next week's meet-up. Read on for more details...

What is the background around the Bitcoin Crypto group?
We recognized the potential of Bitcoin around 2015, but we couldn't find a local group of professionals who were interested in sharing knowledge and networks in the industry. So, we founded our own group, and it has grown to over two hundred members, which shows the interest and talent in the region, and is really exciting to be a part of.

Why come along to the Meetup?
We’re a very sociable group from a variety of industry backgrounds and a range of interests in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. We’re all keen to put Leeds on the map as a  Distributed Ledger Technology Hub. We plan to showcase local expertise with a series of talks, and anyone who would like to speak should get in touch.

The next Meetup is being held on the 18th January, what will it cover?

This time we have a fantastic opportunity to learn about Blockchain Smart Contracts, and in particular the CoCo framework. The speakers are Andy Thomas and Andrew Smith, both active in this technology space. You’ll have the opportunity to quiz them thoroughly, and then we always have an open forum for discussion at the end.

Why would it be beneficial to attend this meetup?
Bitcoin is in the news every day, and there isn’t a technology trends article that doesn’t have Blockchain at the top of its hot list.  This is an open Meetup to anyone with an interest in Blockchain. The talk will be a great opportunity for techies to start to understand how the technology works, and non-techies to understand the underlying frameworks that make Bitcoin what it is.  Even if you know nothing, but just have an interest in Bitcoin, then you will really benefit from attending.

What trends do you think we can expect to see in 2018 in Cryptocurrencies?
I think this is the most fascinating part: the pace of innovation in this technology space is remarkable, and we really don’t know what will be invented, just like the early days of the internet. I imagine price volatility will be a big factor, but also developer disputes, forks, collaboration, and much more. Will we see disruption in major industries? It’s coming: innovators are all looking for that killer application.

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