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Friday 26th January 2018

We recently held a Data Science, Machine Learning and AI event in partnership with our clients BJSS and their Digital Agency SPARCK. In this blog James (our Data Science specialist) gives us the lowdown on AI Gets Serious Part 2.

Catch footage here...

The idea for this event came off the back of the first AI Get Serious event that took place in May 2017. Yet another successful event held in our yearly program that saw key subject matter experts and like minded professionals from the Leeds/Manchester area come together to engage in an enjoyable and thought-provoking evening. This time we had Simon Sear and Tom Morgan speaking from SPARCK and Carl Austin, the CTO of BJSS to give insightful and passionate talks on particular areas of the data science, machine learning and AI world. 

First up we had the lads from SPARCK kick us off with a talk that started by highlighting the key uses of AI right now that we will all be familiar with. Branding it as ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’ they talked about everything from driverless cars to “smart bins” and how key advancements in these areas are starting to change the way we live and interact with the world around us.

The talk then went on to focus on what all this means for business and how as key professionals within industry we can have a real influence on the way this story plays out, with the main lesson being not to get left behind through your fear of the unknown. They then focused on a really interesting project that they had previously been working on which centres around using AI to produce an interactive platform which empowers students to make more informed decisions about their academic futures based on machine learning processes.

They concluded their talk by pointing out that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, meaning that as decision makers and influences in business we have a responsibility to be open to new ideas, be creative with our solutions and to set the tone within our organisations by showing a willingness to prototype new ways of doing things, particularly in the AI and machine learning space. 

The second talk, given by the CTO at BJSS, Carl Austin focused on the developments in AI and machine learning from more of societal and philosophical point of view which went someway to put things into perspective. He spoke about what the future might look like, paying particular attention to the things that will change life, such as radical developments in transport, to the effects on society, such as the impact on jobs, and also to the impact AI and machine learning will have on the quality of education. He then went on to speak about the effects it could have on law enforcement and how this will allow the police to better predict policing routes, the likelihood of crime being committed in a certain area and how new approaches will be required to secure the world.

In a similar fashion to the lads from SPARCK he concluded his talk by outlining our responsibilities, not only from a business point of view but from a society perspective. He used the example of how AI might impact the developing world and how we should work to ensure that AI is utilised to improve life for all, not just the few, pointing out the positive impact it can have on agriculture, health care and education. 

Set against the backdrop of two equally interesting and thought-provoking talks was a fantastic opportunity for thought leaders and key professional within the data science community in the north to network and share ideas on how they can contribute to what is fast evolving into ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution”.

A massive thanks to everyone who came along to the event, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We'd love to see you at future events. If you are interested in attending then please get in a touch.

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