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Wednesday 11th April 2018
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In this Q&A we hear from Sam Ducker - Classical music graduate turned tech entrepreneur. Sam is MD at Lucky Duck (User Experience Agency based in Leeds City Centre). Lucky Duck Build websites, apps and digital experiences. Here he tells us more about his career path, working in Leeds and provides some useful advice to other young entrepreneurs.

What initially sparked your interest in working in the digital sector?
My older brother bought me a book on object orientated programming and Java when I was 13 then told me I had to read it and that skills with computers would be useful when I was older. He was right!

You’ve recently started your own Digital Agency ‘Lucky Duck’. Can you tell us more about Lucky Duck and how it came to be?
Lucky Duck is a user experience agency. What that means is we design, build and grow websites and apps for a purpose. 

We work with clients with storyboarding and design thinking exercises to make what is in their head a tangible concept then we test this on real customers, gather feedback and make changes. 

This is how we create websites, apps and digital products that properly communicate ideas, generate sales and build brands.

You’re currently 24, have you encountered any particular challenges being a young entrepreneur?
Within the technology space there are a lot of young entrepreneurs I think that went in my favour in that regard. Sometimes, you get the wrong assumptions made about you. 

Perhaps that you don’t have the experience or that you are working out of your bedroom part time. 

That quickly goes away when we start a client relationship and they see our process and professionalism.

Have you experienced any advantages of being a young entrepreneur in the digital sector?
There are some good press opportunities, awards and funds, but generally it hasn’t given any advantage to me personally.

However I feel like with less experience in the corporate sector, it’s helped me to reinvent the process in our own Lucky Duck way and not be stuck in how its been done before. 

Client’s regularly tell us that working with us isn’t like working with any other agency.

What advice would you give to other young people hoping to following a similar path as yourself?
Work really hard and always go the extra mile to deliver for your clients.

Set expectations clearly and comprehensively, don’t fall into the trap of committing to something you can’t carry out an incredible job of.

Seek partnerships with other people in similar industries. Reach out to people you admire and ask questions, you’d be surprise how easy it is to get in touch with CEO’s of top companies.

You have chosen Leeds as a base for your business. Leeds is fast becoming a leading hub of digital activity in the UK. How has your experience of starting up your business in Leeds been?
Leeds is booming as a digital scene, I have to say I feel really lucky to have ended up setting a business here. There’s some incredibly talented people and a thriving startup scene in the North. 

You’re hosting some events at Leeds Digital Festival (starting next week), can you tell us more about those?
So we’ve partnered up with Wizu Workspace, to create a tech event series. We have our first one this coming Monday called ‘Building Websites That Convert’. It’s all about how you can use your website to generate sales, communicate ideas and create action. 

They’ll be three speakers covering topics like: user experience design, software integrations, data collection and web performance optimisation. 

What are you hoping to achieve by the end of 2018?
I only want us to work on the types projects that are right for both us as the business and the client.

I’m looking to expand into another office based in London early next year. So we can have both a northern and a southern presence. So growing the company culture is the priority throughout this process. 

There's plenty more in the works but I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

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