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Friday 31st May 2019

In this Q&A we hear from Charlotte Bailey, Operations Director at Panintelligence -  The Yorkshire based BI provider making waves on a global scale. 

Here Charlotte tells us more about Panintelligence, including about their Leeds Digital Festival award win , their award winning products and their plans for the future...

Who are Panintelligence?

We are a small values driven UK company with a big heart and a great product - the Pi dashboard. Our sole focus is supporting our Channel Partners in taking our BI software to market.

Our vision is to be the BI Partner of choice for Technology Providers.

Our mission, which is Building Remarkable Partnerships, underpins our vision. This is a never ending journey that begins from the very first contact with each new prospect.

Panintelligence were the winners of Tech Innovation of the year at this year’s Leeds Digital Festival Awards. Congrats! What does this mean to you?

I work with an incredibly bright group of people who are fanatically devoted to the product, who genuinely love WOWing our customers through their creativity and innovation through the software we deliver. It therefore means the world to us to receive external recognition in the form of the Tech innovation of the year award for all the hard work and effort that the team is putting into the business day in and out.

Can you tell us more about the innovation you use and how It helps your business?

Business Intelligence - seeing a visual representation of data and being able to pinpoint areas of interest and concern has become a necessity in the world of business. 

In times gone by, the only way to see what is within the reams of data stored by many organisations was to sift through various reports. This was tedious, laborious and time consuming. All of which costs business in terms of people power and of course, money. 

As we have moved forward with technology, we have lots of software products at our finger tips. Tools and databases galore but sometimes this can hide the issues behind more barriers, keeping organisations further away from the insights that will assist the day-to-day improvements. 

Panintelligence provides the link between the organisations’ data and the key decision makers bringing the data to life and the business information to the fore, enabling enhancements that can develop the business further.

Find out about our products here...

You were also shortlisted in the Tech Employer of the year category at the Leeds Digital Festival Awards. What is it about Panintelligence that makes it such a great place to work?

Why work for panintelligence?

There are three very good reasons...

Enabling Better Decisions:
Panintelligence’s data visualisation software enables people to make faster and better decisions and with a growing requirement to make rapid sense of ever burgeoning information, the demand for BI is growing exponentially and presents us with a wonderful market opportunity. Enabling Better Decisions is the compelling reason why people buy our product as it makes their businesses more effective and it is at the heart of our proposition to prospects and customers alike.

Relationships Come First:
We are committed to building a business that people enjoy working for and are proud to be part of as we believe this is fundamental to future success. We are proactively fostering a learning environment where everybody has a voice and people feel safe enough to express their views and know they will be listened to. This is mirrored in our approach to the market, where we are committed to building long term strong and sustainable relationships with our customers and partners alike.

Long Term Focus:
We are fortunate to be in a position where we are not driven by short term goals. This means that we can think and act strategically and do those things that are good for the business in the longer run. 

How are we different?

In the market place:
We have a fierce desire to deliver best of breed products and services to our partner and customer community. Our approach is always consultative, and we look for opportunities to engage strategically wherever we can. We focus on 3 key aspects that collectively set us apart from our competitors: -
Our software is easy to implement,
Our software is easy to use,
Our people are friendly, flexible and easy to engage with.

Office Environment:
We have a values driven culture where we all take pride in making Panintelligence a great place to work, one team working together towards growing an amazing software business. We have three key values that set the standards for all of our internal and external interactions.

What are the plans for Panintelligence for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

We have big plans regarding the products and services we are going to be providing to our Customers in the coming months and years. We have a fierce desire to deliver best of breed products and services to our partner and customer community, through the development of new functionality and also the implementation of new preconfigured solutions.

We’re all very excited about the new module that we’ll be launching at our partner event on 4th July (but sssh for now!)

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