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Wednesday 4th January 2017
It's the beginning of a brand new year! At this time of the year we start to reflect on all the things that went well in the last year, that we would like to continue into the next year. While also recognising other areas we would like to improve or change.

For some of us, that could mean a new job or, a change in career.

In this blog we will explore some of the signs to look out for that could mean it’s time for you to hand your notice in 2017.

When you first started, you were fresh, full of ideas and driven. As time ticks away are you finding yourself to be demotivated or are you struggling to get excited and involved with the projects like you used to? These are the tell-tale signs that your passion for your work has gone. Ask yourself, do you care enough to get this passion back or have your emotionally checked out of your position?

It’s always nice to feel like your hard work is recognised. And quite often a little bit of recognition goes a long way. A large number of employees feel undervalued and under appreciated where they work. This is a huge contributor to employee turnover in many organisations across all industries. Some companies are really good at rewarding and ensuring employees know they are appreciated, however some companies find embracing this into their culture difficult. Are you motivated by being told you’re doing a good job from time to time? If you are and your company is one of the ones not embracing this ethos, it could lead to you feeling resentful and undervalued by your employers.

When you first took the role the company was where you wanted to be at that time. There’s an expectation when taking a role with a new company that you will grow alongside them. Is your company running at the same pace they were three years ago? If you are highly driven and have clear goals that you want to achieve, is there a chance you have out grown your organisation? It could be time to move on to a new working environment more in keeping with your objectives.

When you first started the team environment was fun and vibrant. In some organisations over time, especially in highly stressful working environments, cracks can begin to show. Do you find yourself complaining about work to your colleagues? If you’re feeling unhappy in your role, unfortunately this can rub off onto other members of the team which can create a negative working environment. If this is something that is prolonged sometimes it’s best to take a step back and re-evaluate, it could be time to move on.

It’s important that employees feel like when they get home from a working day that they can relax and take their mind off of their work. Is your work life taking over what should be your relaxing home life? Some jobs will have an element of stress involved in the role, meeting deadlines and ensuring you meet targets can sometimes require workers to work outside of office hours. However if you feel like you are struggling to balance life outside of your work and you’re not enjoying it any more, then it could be time to make some adjustments.

Many companies understand the importance of embracing a happy, healthy workforce. However if your work life is consuming your home life it could be that work is disrupting areas of your life that could affect your well-being. For example : sleeping patterns, disrupted sleeping patterns can have a detrimental effect on your health, along with eating habits, skipping meals due to feeling there is a lack of time to sit down and have proper meal. If this is the case it’s important to take action straight away. Most companies would find it concerning if their employees we struggling due to the stress of their work and offer relief in some way or another. Does your company value your well-being?

In our working lives there is bound to me periods where we may feel discontent in our working environment. So when looking at these signs, it’s important to understand whether what you are feeling is short term. If you still feel like you want to make things work at your work place, can the issues your facing be rectified? For example, could you organise a meeting with your management team to express your concerns, could you take some annual leave to give yourself a much needed break? Take the time to think about all the factors before making your decision.

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