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Managing The Resignation Process

Resigning from your role / company can be a daunting task no matter how long you have worked with an organisation.
Here is our short guide to make sure you manage the process effectively.

1. Understand your reasons for leaving

Make sure that when you do decide to look for work you really get to the bottom of why you are unhappy, and why you are looking, and ensure you find an opportunity that matches those requirements.  Don’t just move ‘because it’s another job’ or ‘because you want a pay rise’.  If you don’t think about things clearly may regret the move and be looking again sooner than you’d like

2. Remind yourself regularly why you’re looking to leave

3. Make sure the company you are moving to is the right one for you and meets what you’re looking for in a new opportunity

4. Resign face to face, don’t hide behind an email.

5. When you resign ensure you resign to your immediate line manager and to HR (where applicable)

6 . If your immediate line manager is absent for a long period any reason (e.g. sickness/holidays) then speak to their manager or to HR, but ensure you speak to them immediately when they return to the office

7. No matter how unhappy you may be with the role / company be polite and don’t be derogatory about anyone in the company or the company itself – life’s too short to be making enemies at work!

8. Be strong when you do resign – it may come as a shock to your manager / team and they may try and persuade you to stay with a counter offer, but this is the time to tell them (and remind yourself) why you are leaving (know how to handle a counter offer here).

9. Ensure you work to the best of your ability during your notice period

10. If you have a 3 month+ notice period and want to negotiate an early release discuss the practicalities of this with your manager and work on a date that suits both parties with a reasonable compromise e.g. 6-8 weeks.

We hope this helps shed some light on how to handle handing in your resignation.

For more advice on resignation click here.
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