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DevOps Berlin

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Extremely excited to announce our first DevOps event in Berlin ( 5th June 2019) In partnership with Applift.

When: 5th June 2019, registration from 18.00
Where: Applift, 3rd floor, Rosenstraße 17, 10178 Berlin

Efficiency and Cost Reduction Through Kubernetes

Thiago Ribeiro de Jesus (DevOps Engineer) & 
Pablo Loschi (DevOps Engineer) —
Thiago and Pablo will talk about the challenges Kubernetes has solved in Applift, the benefits of using it and how Applift set up their infrastructure.

Is Serverless the Future of Relational Databases?
Renato Losio —
From AWS to Google Cloud, the major cloud providers offer different options to run a MySQL or a MySQL compatible database on the cloud. You can spin up virtual machines and configure your own cluster or rely on managed services with the ability to modify or scale vertically a database with the click of a button. The new trend is serverless (relational) databases that offer both traditional interfaces and HTTP API access. Can serverless databases be the future? Is Amazon Aurora Serverless really serverless?

Please email Sam: or Jack:

Register now with via Eventbrite: click here
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