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[MAN] Tech//Connect 1.1, LiveCode: Microservices

Wednesday 19th April 2017
Following on from the success of our 'LiveCode: Microservices' event alongside BJSS last month, we are bringing the event across the Pennines to Manchester!

Catch footage from the event below...

This event (which will be held on the 19th April), will be a LiveCode demo of the build and release process when developing applications following a Microservices approach. 

We will build Microservices in both C# and Java in a single application which will be deployed to the cloud. 

Two members of the BJSS Ltd team will be building the applications live on the big screen for all the attendees to view, review and discuss.

This will be an interactive session for all attendees.

This session will cover the agnostic nature of  Microservices. As each service is independent and each service is a new project, each service can be developed in any language that is best fits for the requirement. Microservices will be built in both Java and C# in a single application.

Examples of tooling used to deploy services will be discussed -  Docker and Service Fabric in this instance.

If you're a developer wanting to find out more about how Microservices are developed, deployed and hosted then this event will be of benefit to you.

Numbers for this event are limited, so please register your interest as soon as possible.

Food and refreshments will be provided.

Secure your space :

If you would like more details on this event please get in touch with Luke Chapman on 0161 804 9850 or

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