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Edison is an innovative talent management solution brought to you by Amsource Technology.

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What Is It?

Edison is a talent management solution brought to you by Amsource Technology to build awesome teams with the best talent. Edison will help you attract, engage and retain the best possible talent.

Why Use It?

Who Is It For?

Start Ups / Scale Ups

Edison is designed to support start-ups and scale-ups in your growth journey by attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent by aligning your vision and values to your hiring process.Our unique and flexible pricing models help cash-flow, lessens the impact of large up-front fees in traditional recruitment models.The hiring process is efficient and streamlined with a partnership, meaning you can spend more time building your business in other areas.

Project Teams

Edison for project teams provides faster access to high quality Consultants with specialist skills to build project teams.Our video interview platform allows you to hire confidently and quickly, securing talent for your projects before your competition and means you can focus on delivering projects successfully.Our free project healthcheck will ensure you have the best talent available, are paying the right market rates and will also review existing methods such as Agile adoption.

Building Tech Teams

The tech world moves at pace and hiring companies should be utilising different methods of attraction and engagement to stand out from the crowd, not utilising out dated methods with transactional processes which leaves everyone with an average experience.Edison uses technology combined with a partnership approach to streamline your hiring and interview process, and ensure candidates have an amazing experience, driving engagement and increasing retention rates..

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