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Looking for work is a tough, challenging, and often-stressful process, but it’s all worth it when you receive that offer that you’ve worked so hard for and deserve. Then comes the next hurdle: handing in your notice.  This is a stressful process for candidates and recruiters alike, because the current IT job market is such that every candidate should expect to receive a counter-offer.  It’s a difficult decision, but here are some important reasons why your response to a counter-offer should always be “No, thank you.”


You had to hand your notice in to get a pay rise
Who wants to work for a company that doesn’t value their employees enough to pay them what they’re worth in the first place? You’ve just received an offer from a company that does value your experience and has made an attractive offer in order to secure you. It’s a no-brainer, no one should become more valuable to a company after they hand their notice in.

Accepting a counter offer is only a temporary solution
By making a counter-offer, your company is buying your loyalty with a higher salary, which won’t last long because nothing else will change. Money is rarely the only reason why people look to leave, and the pay rise won’t make all the problems that pushed you towards making that decision any more bearable.  

Be prepared for the emotional blackmail and how to deal with it
A counter-offer is often much more than a salary increase, it’s an arm around the shoulder, “give us a chance”, “you’re our best employee” and “we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you.” It’s important that you think objectively, stand firm, and put yourself first. Counter offers are made because a company has their own best interests at heart, not yours. Simply- it’s much easier for them to make you a counter-offer than invest the time reviewing CVs and interviewing candidates, pay recruitment fees, and train up the new recruit again to get them up to speed, not to mention the cost to the business of being one man down.

You will always be remembered for your resignition
Let’s say you decided to take the counter offer, your boss is grateful, and you think for a moment that you’ve made the right decision. This will soon change as your resignation will soon be the defining factor for the rest of your career at this company; don’t expect to be first in line for the next promotion because once the gratitude fades it will be placed with distrust and a raised eyebrow every time you ask to take the morning off for a dental appointment. Awkward. 

For all of the above reasons, 80% of people resign between 6-12 months of taking a counter-offer. Choosing your job is one of the most stressful decisions anyone has to make, but it’s important to remember to take one step forward by choosing the company with the best opportunity for you to advance your career, and not two steps backwards by accepting a counter offer.

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