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Wednesday 10th June 2015
Technology is adapting and developing rapidly. Things that were in comprehendible twenty years ago are now considered the norm and are now part of our everyday life. Whilst it is clear to see all of the undeniable benefits of developments in technology (for example; improved healthcare, transport and communication to name but a few.) Is it possible that all this new technology innovation could lead to overload and we could soon start seeing negative repercussions?


Arguments claim that we are far too reliant on our smart technology these days (smartphones and tablets) and that we are missing out on the world around us and forgetting how to communicate with each other. We are becoming lazy, instead of getting out and finding out information ourselves we rely too much on technology to do things for us. Last year you may remember London writer Gary Turk posted a spoken word video 'Look up' which demonstrated some of the growing concerns surrounding technology, how the growth of social media prompted by the development of new technology is taking away from our quality of life. The viral video urges us to take a hard look at our addictions to our tech devices and start appreciating life around us.

Other issues surrounding the rapid growth of technology include...


We know more about each other than ever before , social media allows us share with our followers ,our interests, views, pictures and our personal life. However there is growing insecurity with users about how our personal information is being used and sold to companies for target marketing purposes, meaning our content is being tracked right down to our private inbox messages between friends. Although, again, some may argue that this is a good thing, yes they are retrieving personal details about users, but they are also improving customer service by targeting users with adverts and content relevant to the individual? There's potential to improve customer experience and loyalty to a brand because of the aura of added customer service, making it more convenient for consumers to shop/browse products and services.


Innovation in technology is also increasing automation. There is fear that in the future automation will mean that human jobs will be cut and there will be a rise in unemployment as humans are not needed any more to do the jobs. Why have wage costs when the cost of running a machine to do the same job is cheaper? However it could be argued that more automation will increase productivity and profitability for companies and in effect improve economies. In regards to unemployment it could prompt manual workers to want to move into other sectors and learn other trades.


Children these days are not getting enough exercise and outdoor activity due to the growing influence of technology games consoles, the internet , smartphones and tablets promoting sedentary behaviour. Therefore childhood obesity is becoming an increasing problem, 10 percent of preschool age children and 15 percent of 6 - 19 year olds, can be considered overweight. Some may argue that the growth in technology is not to blame and more so the growth of fast food services and the recent recession making it more convenient for parents to opt for takeout food or unhealthy cheaper meal options.

However, the counter argument is that technology is actually bringing us closer together. We are adapting with technology and the world has moved forward, instead of questioning and being wary of the technology we are being presented with, we should embrace it and use it wherever we can. Technology is the key to seeing the world, experiencing new cultures and keeping us in contact with each other, surely this can never be a bad thing?

It's fair to say there are some growing issues in terms of technology, but will this mean that a backlash against constant tech innovation is on the cards? Or is technology not actually the problem but more so the growing greed culture among generation 'y' and how they choose to react and adapt with technology?

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