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Thursday 28th May 2015
In this blog we have put together some top tips for candidates to take on board when lacking motivation in their job search.


First and foremost, it’s important to establish what inspires you. What has inspired you to start your job search? Are u currently unemployed? Are you seeking a new challenge? Is your current role not aligning closely enough with your personal objectives?

Whatever your reason keep it in mind. Sometimes after a gruelling job search, especially if you have experienced rejection it’s easy to find yourself in the mind-set of ‘Why am I even bothering? ‘. By being mindful of what inspires you, it will help you maintain a clear mind and clear objectives. It will also help you at interview stage when asked what it is that has provoked your quest for a new role.


Sometimes when looking for a new role, some candidates find themselves pursuing jobs that maybe aren’t all that suited to them, purely for the fact that the employer has shown an interest where maybe others haven’t. Candidates may accept the first role offered to them just because they have got an offer, regardless of if the job is actually suited to them.

Searching for a new role can make candidates vulnerable, especially if they haven’t had much luck previously. It’s important to remember, as a candidate – you have a lot more control over the situation then you may think. Remember the employer needs you just as much as you need the job otherwise they wouldn’t be advertising it.

Researching the roles and the companies of the jobs your applying for in depth will give you a better idea as to if the role is actually appropriate for you. By doing your research it will also give you a solid grounding of what it is your actually looking for in a company and a role and you can use this information to motivate yourself.


If you have been in the job search game for a while, you will probably have had interviews. Did you receive feedback from your interviewers as to why you weren’t appropriate for the role? It’s so important to know where you went wrong (if you went wrong) so that you know where to rectify these mistakes for future interviews.

If you don’t get the feedback, how are you supposed to improve for the next interview?

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for feedback, with the market as competitive as it is, employers will understand you need all the ammunition you can to secure your next role, so should be willing to provide you with the feedback you need. You can therefore use this information to motivate you to strive for better results from your next interview.


Job seekers will often find themselves more productive in their search by including it into their daily routine, rather than sporadically dipping in and out whenever they have a spare hour to search properly. Procrastination will be your biggest enemy in your search.

Put aside a time each day, or a time where you will be able to realistically and effectively make some good progress with your job search. Set yourself weekly and monthly targets this way you will be able to track your progress and see where you’re at.


Getting into a routine will help you with this one. Organisation is often the key to success. Keep a record of which companies you have spoken to, interviews you have scheduled and interviews you have attended.

This will keep you on top of what objectives you need to achieve and by when. Ensuring you always have something to work towards and also keeping the momentum moving in your motivation.


This can be a difficult one to do, but by keeping a clear positive mind you will be able to maintain motivation for longer. Being negative is not going to motivate you, it is only going to make you dwell on things that may have not gone to plan.

Hopefully by applying some of these top tips to your job search you should find yourself more motivated and driven for success.

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