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Friday 3rd July 2015
I have been working as a Recruitment Consultant at amsource technology for just over a month now. So I thought i'd tell you a bit more about what my time with amsource so far has entailed and what I have been doing over the past month.

I am the newest employee at amsource and I specialise in the placement of Permanent Java Developers. I wanted to become a Recruitment Consultant for a number of reasons. Firstly, I grew up around the recruitment industry as my mum is a recruitment consultant, so it was always something that interested me. I am also a former semi-professional rugby league player so I needed to find a career that would enable me to thrive in a target driven, competitive, team environment. After some further research and talking some other people in the industry I quickly realised that a career in recruitment was ideal for me.

After deciding that I wanted to become a recruitment consultant I had to decide what company would give me the best opportunity to start my career in the best possible way. Following some extensive research I came across amsource. After applying and receiving a phone call from Andrew and talking more about the culture at the company, the current working situation and the plans for the future I was immediately interested and did not hesitate to accept an offer when it came. I believe amsource is different from other recruitment consultancies as we're ethical, have solid principles and adhere to a proven process which is beneficial to ourselves, our clients and our candidates.

Throughout my first month I have predominately been speaking to candidates from our database, online job boards and those that have applied directly to jobs. This has enabled me to gain greater knowledge in my market and understand more the fundamental principles of recruitment. It is not all swings and roundabouts, you do have tough days but this just motivates you, and makes you want to work harder and be successful.

I like working at amsource because the environment is very welcoming and everyone is so friendly and helpful, cliché I know, but it could not be more true in my opinion. The training you receive is second to none and there is big encouragement on asking as many questions as you want and not been scared to give something a go. I have really enjoyed my first month at amsource and I am looking forward to learning more, developing my skills and helping myself and Amsource achieve our goals.

For all current Java roles, contact David - 0113 3570444 /
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