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Tuesday 31st May 2016
Being rejected for a role can seriously affect an applicant’s confidence when it comes to applying for more jobs. For some candidates it can be easy to dwell on these rejections rather than embracing the bigger picture. instead seeing these rejections as failures you should actually (however ‘easier said than done’ it may sound) see them as lessons on what you can do to ensure the next time to ensure they secure the role.

The job market is extremely competitive and also a lot of companies have seen their recruitment budgets cut resulting in stricter requirements that candidates need to meet in order to be considered for a role. With an approximate seventy candidates for every role advertised, experiencing some rejection in your job search is inevitable.

But rejection doesn't need to affect your job search, you just need to remember to...


It’s important to keep a positive mind. It’s sometimes easy for candidates to get complacent in their job search, or lose confidence after a series of rejections from roles. Maintaining a positive attitude will allow you to keep the momentum in your search for a  and keep you motivated resulting in you applying for more roles and making a better impression to your recruiters and hiring decision makers.


It’s important to understand where you have gone wrong (if you have gone wrong).

Most companies upon rejecting a candidate will provide feedback as to why you weren’t suitable for the role. Greet this feedback with an open mind, try to take the feedback on board and understand what you can do in the future to better your job applications.

Companies are embracing more and more their company culture, and in a lot of cases finding a candidate that is a good team fit overrides those candidates with the correct skills and experience. If you are rejected on this basis, you should take this as this the company was not the right for you. You won't be the perfect person for every role you apply for.

If your interviewer doesn’t provide you with feedback, don’t be afraid to ask for it as it could provide you with valuable information that could help you with your job search.


Be more specific in your job search. Make sure when you are considering applying for a role, that the role is suitable for you. By doing more research it will help you understand fully the roles you are qualified and appropriate for rather than going through the process for companies that you aren’t going to be able to progress past a CV screen with.


If you have signed up to a good recruitment agency, liaise with your recruiter and come up with a strategy and plan together to better tackle your job search. Taking into consideration your feedback from previous interviews you should find with this you have more success in your job search

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