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Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Here at Amsource Technology we love recruiting for the software industry, and we’re always looking at ways to improve the services we offer. We have taken our first steps in the managed services / recruitment process outsourcing world, providing a managed services approach to one of our key clients

We have worked with since April 2012, when at the early stages of their growth (150 employees globally) the organisation were finding it difficult to find suitable candidates.  We worked closely to identify a number roles where existing suppliers were finding it difficult (Business Analyst, Developer, UX Designers) and subsequently became suppliers for all technical staff in the UK Fastforward to April 2014, and with headcount at approximately 350 globally were looking to undertake significant growth in the UK following significant investment from Advent International. were looking to accelerate their growth, and alongside their direct resourcing strategy we proposed a managed services / RPO solution to provide the benefit of a sole supplier relationship along with the ability to scale up and down on roles where required. We partnered with a small, carefully chosen group of 2nd tier suppliers who specialise in software development, and worked closely with them to ensure the best possible service levels were adhered to, and ratios of CV:interview:placement were continually improved.

In little over 12 months we have placed 56 candidates in Harrogate covering Software Developers (Java/C#), Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Automated Testers, UX Designers and UX Developers.

The partnership worked brilliantly for both us and, which is now a 600 person company globally.

Here’s what Matt Cosway, Director of Employee Success, had to say about the work we have done together:


EndtoEnd Solution

  • Amsource manage the entire recruitment process, ensuring improved
  • CV:interview:placement ratios
  • Integrated seamlessly with existing direct hiring strategies such as advertising and internal recruitment functions

    Improved recruitment image in the market
  • Candidates won’t be receiving calls from multiple recruiters all claiming to represent the clients business
  • Experts recruiting for the client who are knowledgeable about what they do and can represent information correctly and accurately

Scalable depending on need
  • Flexible solution based on needs and can be up/down scaled seamlessly

Hassle Free
  • Single recruitment partner
  • One point of contact
  • Not dealing with multiple agencies
Cost Effective
  • No more costly than typical recruitment fees
  • Saves time in other business areas through improved candidate submission to hiring ratios
  • Candidates more engaged less likely to accept counter offers and to stay in the role longer
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