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Here at Amsource Technology we love recruiting for the software industry, and we’re always looking at ways to improve the services we offer.

We have taken our first steps in the managed services / recruitment process outsourcing world, providing a managed services approach to one of our key clients –

SME Focus

We are not looking to compete with resourcing on large-scale resource augmentations - we want to partner with SME's where we can directly benefit the organisation quickly and seamlessly. were looking to accelerate their growth, and alongside their direct resourcing strategy we proposed a managed services / RPO solution to provide the benefit of a sole supplier relationship along with the ability to scale up and down on roles where required.


In little over 12 months we have placed 56 candidates in their Harrogate R&D centre covering Software Developers (Java/C#), Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Automated Testers, UX Designers and UX Developers.

The partnership worked brilliantly for both us and, which is now a 600 person company globally.

This managed service / RPO approach is beneficial to hiring organisations for a number of reasons:

  • End-to-End Solution

  1. Amsource manage the entire recruitment process, ensuring improved CV:interview:placement ratios

  2. Integrates seamlessly with existing direct hiring strategies such as advertising and internal recruitment functions

  • Improved image in the market

  1. Candidates won’t be receiving calls from multiple recruiters all claiming to represent the clients business

  2. Experts recruiting for you who are knowledgeable about what you and how you operate do and can

  3. Recruiters representing you correctly and accurately

  • Scalable depending on need

  1. No need for up front commitment on a specific volume of requirements

  2. Flexible solution based on needs and can be up/down scaled seamlessly

  • Clear communication

  1. Clearly defined communication processes

  2. Seamless management of the recruitment process

  3. SLA driven approach to ensure high service levels and rates of success

  • Hassle Free

  1. Single recruitment partner

  2. One point of contact

  3. Not dealing with multiple agencies

  • Cost Effective

  1. No more costly than typical recruitment fees for each placement

  2. Saves time in other business areas through improved candidate submission to hiring ratios

  3. Candidates more engaged - less likely to accept counter offers and to stay in the role longer

If you are interested in improving your recruitment processes, and want to partner with a true expert who recruits specifically for the software development industry please call Andrew on 0113 357 0 444.



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