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1.4 DevOps - Culture & Containers

We're delighted to announce the next event in our series of Tech//Connect events...

The latest Tech//Connect event from Amsource Technology will discuss topics within one the the hottest area of the technology market-place, DevOps.

The discussion will centre around two key concepts - the culture of DevOps and Containerisation.

The evening will be suitable for both technology leaders operating either an existing DevOps/CI environments or those looking to implement a DevOps strategy; along with technical professionals looking to broaded their knowledge in DevOps and connect with like-minded professionals.

The talks...

Chris Urwin – UK Technical Lead at Rancher Labs

Containers: Desktop to Datacentre.

The DevOps revolution is on most technology-driven organisations agendas, and containerisation, driven initially by Docker, is a key strategy being adopted by a number of the globes biggest organisations.

In this engaging presentation Chris will discuss the adoption of a container strategy, where to start, the gotchas to avoid and the benefits it can bring.

This will be through real life-examples from Chris’ experience at Rancher working with large and small, public and private sector organisations to develop and implement container strategies.

Clem Pickering - Principle Consultant at Infinity Works

DevOps is a culture and a movement, not just about roles, tools and technology.

From his experience working in Agile and Continuous Delivery environments Clem will talk about how to build, develop and embed a DevOps culture within an organisation

Food and drink will be provided on the evening.


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