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1.2 Women In Test - September 2016

Tech//Connect presents 'Women in Test : API Testing, explore, automate, reverse'

This event was a special edition in our Tech//Connect series exclusively for 'Women in Test'.

The event was a great success which saw over 25 female testers from across our region from a range of leading organisations including Sky, BJSS, Npower, and Manheim ( to name but a few).

Technical Test Specialist Gwen Diagram gave an engaging and detailed presentation about how HTTP API testing can be implemented into testing operations, which also included a live testing demonstration!

Using a BDD style approach, Gwen took us through the automation of APIs, including how to explore an API and what checks to make to expose the dreaded 500 errors that we should be looking for. We also saw a live demonstration of using Postman to explore key tests. 

We’re extremely pleased that our attendees of the evening had some really positive feedback for us. Many of the attendees were delighted to meet so many other women in test that share the same technical queries and challenges as each other. Attendee feedback has also provided us with some great ideas and suggestions for other testing events that we can’t wait to get you involved in.

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